Version 0.2 released, codename: procrastination

Finally, more than a year after the first public release, comes the version 0.2

I would like to thank you for your patience and interest, some people were asking me about the project's status and future, so here it goes.



Some graphical polishing has been done along with a game engine improvements so the development itself should be smoother and more flexibe for possible code changes.

The game still runs on all major operating systems: Linux, Windows and Mac, in the future, possibly Android OS will be supported too (depends on PyGame support for Android platform...)

Download links:
What's new in version 0.2:
  • implemented original fonts reading and rendering
  • default color mouse cursor from original game
  • simple ships movement - ships are able to travel if alreading on route, and able reach the orbit, no launching yet
  • marking unexplored star system as explored upon ship arrival
  • simple colony buildings production - it is possible to produce buildings in colony with their effects on the economy production and population grow