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Version 0.2 released, codename: procrastination

2011-11-08 19:43:15

Finally, more than a year after the first public release, comes the version 0.2

I would like to thank you for your patience and interest, some people were asking me about the project's status and future, so here it goes.



Big thanks for help!

2010-10-10 21:58:00

Several weeks ago, a kindly webdesigner and also a fan of MOO2 contacted me and offered his help to create a face for this site. His name is Hans Wojnar and I think he did a very good job!
I hope you will enjoy the new look as I do!

Another great news:
It's my pleasure to welcome Ivan Trejbal and thank him for joining this project as a developer.

version 0.1

2010-06-01 23:00:00

This is the very first public release of OpenMOO2 source code. Provides a standalone game server and GUI client with few game screens

Help needed: webdesign

2010-01-21 23:57:58

If there is a web designer willing to help for free, me and visitors will be gratefull :-)

Help needed: rules and formulas

2010-01-21 23:25:08

I'm searching for help with game rules and formulas, please feel free to contact me